Hey everybody, just working on my ultra simple profile hope you enjoy it. P.S at the moment I'm in another city away from my PC so I'm less able to edit. feel free to leave messages though

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I have other profiles for some of my interests and on other wikis

Metal Gear Wiki Edit

This is one of the wikis I'm an admin on. I'm a big fan of the Metal Gear series of games. unlike other games success does not mean having the biggest gun (or using a gun at all :-) ). It is also in my opinion one of the more realistic games out there. Ignoring supernatural bosses and the main characters ability to get shot 20 times and be ok with that (games have to be fun after all).

Interesting Links

  • Metal Gear Online Database

WikiSocial Edit

a social networking wiki interests me because all wikis are a form of social network. That may mean that you've worked with a group of people on just a single article. Or you may have even added stuff to your user page. Although WikiSocial has always been quite small I hope to be able to use it to encourage people to work together on lots of different wikis.

Other Wikis Edit

This is for wikis that I'm interested in. So if your a member of one of these wikis please say hi .

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If you want to know what I'm up to, what wiki I'm focussing on or to ask a question please ask on my forum page

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