This is a policy. Remember that rules on WikiSocial are not set in stone and should be treated with the occasional exception. Changes to rules should reflect consensus.

WikiSocial has a zero tolerance policy on vandalism. Unless it is clearly user error (like "Help me im a noob!"), vandals will be blocked on sight.

Vandalism TimechartEdit

Past Instances Time (Anonymous Users) Time (Registered Users)
1 1 day 6 hours
2 3 days 1 day
3 2 weeks* 1 week
4 1 month* 2 weeks
5 1 year* 3 months
6 1 year* Indefinite Block
  • At this point, you should verify that the IP address is static. If it isn't, continue 3-day blocks forever.

Evading the blockEdit

If a vandal evades their block using a proxy or dynamic IP, admins have the right to indefinitely block the puppetmaster's main account after proving (or nearly proving) a connection. If they are using a dyanmic IP, discretion is advised in blocking the IP as other users might attempt to log on from the same ISP.

The sock puppets, once proven or nearly proven, can also be indefinitely blocked. If there is a reasonable doubt as to whether or not the user is a sock puppet, then follow the timechart for the vandalism they have caused.

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